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Our four-legged guests are always welcome!

We ask for € 6 per day for their stay, managed as follows:
€ 3 to cover our service costs and € 3 donated to the Fidoamico refuge in Ormelle (Treviso) which hosts dogs less fortunate than ours:

Hotel Universo loves all polite Bau and Miao of all sizes and tries to satisfy their every need, understanding perfectly that even their owners return more willingly where their Fido … trusts!

Our rooms are sanitized with dedicated products also as regards the stay of our four-legged friends and we try to offer you the maximum availability for the management of the cleaning of the rooms with the entry of the maids at times to be agreed with you for different needs.

Woof friends will be welcomed by our little Maltese Penelope with a special welcome kit prepared by us with love, bowl and mat in the room.

They are not allowed access to the dining room, but we give them the opportunity to have lunch and dinner with them on our seafront terrace, where breakfast and lunch are also served.

Our private garden facing the sea welcomes four-legged guests with their owners for a few hours of relaxation by the pool, upon reservation and availability at a cost of € 5.00 per bed per day.

The Bau Bau Beach, a beach dedicated to our four-legged friends with specialized paid facilities, offers many innovative services and the possibility of swimming with your Fido friends.
81 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione In addition, it guarantees discounted prices to affiliated structures (such as ours).

Also available is the BauBici: bicycle with Pau carrier approved for the safety of our furry friends.

... because do you go back ... where Fido trusts!

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